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A Community Collaboration



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MM Publication is a seasonal guide and editorial for Modern Magdalenas by real women from all around the world - just like you!

Each co-creation is filled with stories, creative ideas and tips that add value to the modern woman’s life.  We believe that seasonal living and honoring the cycles of nature are the true secrets to wellbeing, and these pages are filled to inspire just that, for women and families across the globe.


Summer/Fall 23

Cover Girl: Heather Lukacs


Winter/Spring 24

Cover Girl: Caroline Halsted

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Summer/Fall 24

Cover Girl: Jesse St James

I know the strength of a woman...

because I have sat with you.

A Message from the Founder:

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“One of my retirement goals was to become a published author. Meeting Kristen and others in the MM community inspired me to see retirement as a new promising time of life! 2023 was filled with writing! I published a children’s poetry book, and I am a proud contributor in MM Publication 00 and 01. The MM community is helping me to honor the phase of life that I am in!”

Pamela Buehl, Author

MM Publication 2023 Celebration

Home Yoga Temecula | Tia Esther Creative

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MM for ALL
Coming in 2025

Calling ALL Writers and Creatives!

To bring about BALANCE,

our Winter 2024 edition of MM Publication is open to ALL.

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